Our services

We guarantee our clients high-quality translations and always ensure on-time delivery. 

Sworn translations and certification of documents

Sworn translations that correspond to the original are of the utmost importance for export or international contacts. We legalize translations of all your documents: extracts from commercial registers, registry office certificates, deeds of partnership, and we transfer all the documentation, once it has been certified, to the competent consulates and embassies.

Our in-house translators are legally certified for 6 western European languages (French, German, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese) as well as Russian. As for other languages, including rare languages (such as Arabic and Polish), we have a vast network of associates, who are also legally certified.

Ongoing updates of software and professional equipment

In the context of our business, we continually update our software and hardware. We usually work on PC with Microsoft Office software, Apple Macintosh files can be processed using Word, Pagemaker, Adobe Illustrator, Freehand and InDesign, among others. Depending on the client’s requirements, we also use a translation memory system (Trados).

Photocomposition in a foreign language

Our collaborative work with our own layout department, with highly qualified advertising agencies, regional printers or even institutions suggested by the client enable us to deliver your order ready for immediate use. On simple request, we will provide you with print models in a foreign language; our very strict internal quality control enables us to obviate frequent errors in layout and presentation. Given that access to layout with drawings and diagrams remains available in our media formats, any subsequent modifications can be made without any problem and without requiring a complete revision of the layout.


Whatever the document sent to us, we are bound by the strictest confidentiality. We therefore observe professional secrecy, not only as far as the translation work is concerned but also in terms of layout and consequently also on archival!

Prices and delivery times

We offer you excellent value for money. For this reason, we only draw up our quotations based on concrete proposals.