Working method

Our strength: quality

We ensure that our clients receive translations of the highest quality, delivered on time. 

A personal approach

We often arrange client visits in order to learn about large-scale projects. For us, the personal approach is the key to success.

Permanent updating of our software and professional equipment

Our translators are highly skilled professionals – an essential factor in the exceptional quality of our translations. Our work is supported by constantly updated computing equipment and software, in particular an efficient translation memory system.

CAT: a guarantee of quality throughout the translation process

We use a so-called CAT tool, which stands for computer-assisted translation (not to be confused with Machine Translation – MT). This tool is used by more than 250,000 translation professionals and provides a range of evolved functions allowing translations to be produced with impeccable quality. The most important function is the translation memory, which is a database of pairs of source and target text units. This allows content already translated to be reused, thus considerably reducing the lead times required for translation projects while guaranteeing high quality and consistent use of terminology. It also ensures the consistency, style and quality of the content across all languages.

Ethics code

We are committed to performing our mission scrupulously and with integrity, working within the rules of the profession:

  • by staying faithful to the message of the document entrusted to us.
  • by having the knowledge and skills required in the area of speciality of the assignment
  • by conducting thorough research on concepts and terminology in order to ensure a perfect understanding and rendition of the documents requiring translation
  • through confidentiality: irrespective of the type of document we receive, we are bound by the strictest confidentiality. We therefore observe professional secrecy not only for translation work but also for DTP projects and when archiving work carried out. This can, of course, be confirmed by a separate document upon simple request.