Expert Translations

Simply mastering a language is not enough when a text has to be translated in a specific field. Precise knowledge of the sector in question is also essential. For this reason, we only work with bilingual translators translating into their mother tongue and with specialised knowledge in the appropriate areas.

We offer translations in the following fields in particular:


Our translators – who are also qualified engineers, technicians and scientists – are confronted with changes in technology on a daily basis and perfectly master the current terminology. Be it electronics, electrical engineering, computing, information and communications technology, mechanical or automotive engineering, heating, air conditioning and plumbing, metrology and control engineering, chemistry, plastics or environmental engineering, medicine or the pharmaceuticals industry, we systematically call upon translators with skills in their fields and can thus guarantee high-quality translations.


Website localisation is an essential part of every company’s strategy in today’s global economy. We ensure that you get exactly the right message to your clients, thanks to our accurately localised translations.


We have extensive experience in translating advertising documents such as brochures, leaflets, presentations and advertisements for big-name brands.


For several years now, we have been providing major supermarket chains and shops with assistance on demand or follow-up of their advertising campaigns abroad and in particular in countries adjoining France. We translate all of the French texts in catalogues, prospectuses and newspaper inserts into the desired language.


Legal language presents many difficulties. A legal document requires clarity and accuracy. We have a team of expert translators who are experienced in handling this complex terminology.

Industry and Commerce

The translation of contracts, management reports, balance sheets, general terms and conditions or other commercial or technical documents, requires specific know-how. We have experts skilled in this area.

Science and Research

The communication of research results and scientific conclusions is carried out at an international scale and therefore requires flawless translations. Our translators, who are skilled mathematicians, physicians or pharmacologists, translate scientific documents into their native languages.